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Dr Nicholson's expertise acknowledged in CV Global Coaching Top 50

5 Dec 2017

We are delighted to announce that Corporate Vision Magazine has placed Dr John Nicholson, Founder and Chair of Nicholson McBride Change in its 2017 Global Coaching Top 50.

Corporate Vision’s Global Coaching Top 50 programme has been launched by their in-house research team to identify the world’s most inspiring, influential and innovative coaches and commend them for their efforts, highlighting the skills and qualities required to become a leading coach in an ever-changing environment.  From executive and management coaches, BDOs and career advisors, to life coaches, mentors and teachers, they seek to highlight those who truly represent excellence in coaching.

John founded the original Nicholson McBride in the 1980s and his coaching has spanned the three decades since then with many acknowledging the transformative effect his coaching has had on them as leaders and also, as a result, on their teams: “John Nicholson brings a powerful ability to quickly understand his clients' operational, business and political environment‎ and to use that in helping them come to appreciate their own motivations and preferences. He combines appropriate challenge with clear support and does so with empathy and insight.” (CE)

“Over many years I have greatly valued John’s tremendous insight into the capabilities and potential of our executive management team.  What’s more, John’s highly trusted personal approach has helped us develop effective styles of team dynamics and leadership.” (London Borough CE)

"I have known and worked with a number of coaches and business psychologists over the years.  In my experience, John is the best.  He brings to bear a tremendous wealth of knowledge, experience and insight from across the public, private and voluntary sectors. He then applies it with a keen understanding of the precise circumstances and challenges facing the client.  His approach is informed by research and up-to-date academic knowledge, it is always highly practical and designed to enable his clients to maximise their potential and to achieve successful results.” (COO, Big Four auditor)

John leads a team of Nicholson McBride coaches who are highly qualified and chosen for their relevant industry experience. Each coach combines an in-depth understanding of the psychology of people and of organisations, with a reasoned and pragmatic business outlook. Coaching is always practical, action focused and grounded in the business.

For more information, please contact the Nicholson McBride team, and read John’s profile and the December issue of Corporate Vision.

Dr Nicholson's expertise acknowledged in CV Global Coaching Top 50
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