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What we do

Nicholson McBride Change are experts in transformation – individual and collective. We have over 30 years' experience of helping CEOs and their executive teams devise strategies to deliver on business aspirations.

But frequently, the design is easier than the implementation – especially when it comes to changing mindsets and behaviours throughout the organisation. As business psychologists, our track record in engineering measurable change is unparalleled.

We may have pioneered many widely used techniques and methodologies, but at the heart of Nicholson McBride Change's approach is the conviction that each organisation is unique – the product of its history and its people. Each new challenge is met with a fresh perspective, a flexible attitude, a tailored approach.

What matters most to us is understanding your challenges, your context and, of course, your people. That's where we start.

Always bespoke, always building on what's gone before, and always working in collaboration, we help you achieve results through:

Leadership and Strategy

Our approach carefully balances psychology and business to offer the best of both worlds.

With a clear understanding of the organisation, its marketplace and the aspirations of the senior team – as well as the interpersonal dynamics at play – we craft workshops, facilitate offsites and design other bespoke interventions to help leadership teams achieve results, work effectively together and be seen as credible in the business.

Nicholson McBride Change have played an integral part in helping establish our leadership team as a single cohesive unit driving a single vision and culture out of a six-way merger in record time. I have worked with them both in team building and individual contexts – they are outstanding at both.

- CEO, Financial Services

Our work includes:

Organisational Research and Development

No matter what change you want to make, Nicholson McBride Change can help you to diagnose, design and plan that change.

We don't dictate. Instead, we absorb as much information about your business, your people and your processes as possible.

Following thorough analysis, we form a judgement of your individual and collective capabilities, and design a process which gives you the best chance of creating distinctive solutions to key strategic issues.

Their approach to helping us to learn more about our employees’ thoughts on our culture and values was supportive, intelligent and innovative at each stage.

- Global HRD, Retail & Leisure

Leadership & Strategy
Organisational R&D

Change and Transformation

There has never been a greater need to drive and manage change effectively, and to instil within the organisation an ability to win hearts and minds.

We help leaders to execute strategies and plans which address the rational, emotional and political aspects of their transformation – and we do it quickly and collaboratively.

Whether you are looking to go digital, change how teams work together, transform your culture in a way that sticks or turn your approach to leadership on its head, we can help.

Nicholson McBride Change helped us to identify the culture and ways of working needed to achieve our business goals. I don't believe we could have achieved the level of engagement that we did without their involvement. The team found ways to involve virtually every member of staff, and their robust but down-to-earth approach won them supporters across our organisation.

- CEO, Retail and Leisure

Change & Transformation
Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

We specialise in one-to-one and group coaching which focuses on individual development as well as supporting higher-level business needs, given the wider ambitions of the organisation.

In terms of our approach, we use appropriate tools and techniques to help the individual to get beneath the surface and identify priorities for change (including some high-impact 'quick wins').

Over the course of each coaching assignment, we unearth barriers and, more importantly, work through how to overcome them. Individuals are left with a strategy for sustainable change which they know exactly how to execute.

My coach brings a powerful ability to quickly understand their clients’ operational, business and political environment‎ and to use that in helping their clients come to appreciate their own motivations and preferences. They have helped me face up to new business challenges, re-purpose established ways of working, navigate difficult internal and stakeholder relationships, build personal resilience and confidence and to enjoy more of my working life. In doing that they combine appropriate challenge with clear support and do so with empathy and insight.

- Local Government CE

The Board couldn't believe the transformation in the individual during the recruitment process. Clearly your coaching was a huge success. Thank you.

- General Counsel, FTSE100 company, recruiting for CEO

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