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Mary D'Arcy

Mary D'Arcy

Mary worked in the Public Sector for more than 30 years, ultimately operating in senior leadership roles (to Chief Executive) within the Criminal Justice and Local Government sectors. Having trained as a social worker, and worked as a probation officer and behavioural change programmes facilitator, Mary is passionate about enabling individuals to make changes in their lives and in supporting communities to be resilient.  As a consultant, Mary is primarily focused on facilitating and enabling:

  • Systems leadership and development.

  • Strategy & policy development and implementation.

  • Community engagement & co-design strategies, underpinned by person centred approaches. 

  • User engagement & EDI principles.

  • Leadership development & growth. 

  • Facilitation of executive team workshops. 

  • Coaching and mentoring.

  • Strategic responses to the wicked and operational challenges across those areas in which she has extensive experience.

Mary is skilled in supporting leaders, their teams and the systems in which they work to be creative, reflective and collaborative. Mary’s approach is both personal and relational, with a focus on vertical models of development and skills for systems leadership,  to enable leaders to develop the trusting and innovative relationships that are needed to support organisational priorities  and deliver transformational outcomes for communities.

Mary has an MSc/CQSW  in Social Work & Social Policy (London School of Economics) and an MSc in Public Administration & Leadership (INLOGOV University of Birmingham).  She is a trustee of the Brighton Women’s Centre, and A Band of Brothers.

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